We are committed to building strong relationships with reputable and qualified suppliers.  We strive to bring reliable goods and services to our people across our business at competitive prices.
Our Global Supply Chain organization obtains goods and services with suppliers who align with our Code of Business Ethics and demonstrate compliance with applicable federal and local health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.
Successful supplier candidates should:

  • Be financially viable
  • Be competitive with technical, cost or service advantages
  • Be ethical, with high health, environment, safety and security standards
  • Understand TAQA’s business
  • Follow ISO or other appropriate industry standards.
  • Have timely and accurate invoicing processes
  • Adhere to TAQA’s compliance standards (Sanctions, FCPA & Anti Bribery etc.)

We are working on enhancing our supplier registration process for TAQA using an electronic supplier self-registration portal where suppliers can onboard with TAQA and maintain their profile, as well as participate in tenders electronically.

Once you register, you will receive the supplier registration form applicable to the region where you want to do business with us.

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