Transitioning the global energy system to cleaner, more efficient technologies is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. While the shift to clean energy must happen quickly, it must also be well managed to support energy security and energy affordability. The low-carbon future needed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 is a future TAQA has placed at the core of its growth strategy. Our commitment to net zero by 2050 is complemented by near-term emission reductions goals, outlined in our 2030 ESG strategy.

Pillars of the energy transition

There are three core elements of the energy transition.

Cleaner power and water

As electricity becomes the world’s main energy carrier the next critical element is to ensure those electrons are as low-carbon as possible. Renewable energy technologies, nuclear energy, efficient gas technologies and dynamic storage solutions will become primary sources of power as we transition to net zero. Additionally, reducing the energy intensity of water production in the UAE by transitioning the desalination fleet to more efficient reverse osmosis technology is equally critical. This transformation is well underway.


TAQA aims for renewables to account for 65% of its 150GW gross power generation capacity by 2030, led by its major shareholding in Masdar. Additionally, TAQA aims for two-thirds of its 1,300 MIGD water portfolio by 2030 to utilize efficient reverse osmosis.


Electricity is the backbone of a cleaner, more sustainable future. By electrifying our homes, transport and industrial processes powered largely by abundant, clean sources of electricity, we lay the foundation for a net zero world. To get there we must reinforce, extend, and modernize current electricity systems, equipping them not just for a significant increase in demand but also for a change in the nature of our relationship with electricity – from passive, to dynamic.


TAQA is investing AED 40bn in grid infrastructure upgrades in the UAE by 2030, and pursuing investments internationally including in interconnections and smart grid technologies to support the energy transition.


The cleanest energy is the energy we don’t use. Alongside transitioning current and future power generation capacity to clean sources, working to reduce the energy intensity of our economic activities is paramount.


TAQA is providing services in demand-side management through its super energy services company Abu Dhabi Energy Services and its distribution companies Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and Al Ain Distribution Company, enabling public and private entities to realise energy and water savings targets.


As a low-carbon power and water champion, TAQA is relentlessly committed to achieving net zero by 2050. Our energy transition journey involves significant investment in projects that reduce emissions from power and water generation, enable efficient transmission and distribution, and help customers manage their emissions and increase efficiency.

By 2030, we aim for a…

65% Renewable energy share in our portfolio by 2030
25% reduction in global scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2019
2/3 of water production using highly efficient reverse osmosis by 2030

A sustainability business partner

TAQA is not only taking active steps to reduce its own emissions but is also partnering with other private and government entities in the country to help them operate more sustainably and ultimately reduce their emissions in a collective effort to achieve UAE Net Zero by 2050 and deliver on the Paris Agreement. TAQA works closely with key industrial partners in the UAE such as ADNOC and EGA among others, to support their decarbonization efforts by connecting them to low-carbon, grid connected power generation and liberating their captive generation plants.


reduction in GHG emissions


reduction in GHG emissions compared to base year 2019


The UAE Presidency of COP28 marks a crucial moment for global climate action. The first global stocktake at COP28 will measure climate action progress and identify ways to close the gap between ambition and action. TAQA fully supports a net zero future in the UAE, and as such is a strong supporter of the UAE’s COP28 Presidency. Our key initiatives to support COP28 include:


Together with IRENA and the UN High-Level Champions, TAQA will launch a new global utilities initiative that aims to deepen cooperation as the sector pursues net zero ambitions.


Our new report on the ‘Future of Utilities’ in partnership with Bloomberg will uncover the trends shaping the future of a sector at the heart of climate action.


Join TAQA and partners at the Climate Festival at Masdar City during COP28. This fun, family oriented festival will bring sustainability to life, inspiring visitors young and old to play their part in a climate safe future.


Through TAQA’s active youth council, TAQA will run the Youth Energy Forum on Youth Day (December 8), hosting climate related discussions, workshops and presentations. The event will take place on the TAQA stand in the Green Zone.


Visit TAQA in the Green Zone at COP28 to learn about what we are doing to advance the low-carbon transition and serve our communities sustainably.

Find us in the Green Zone energy transition hub

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